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2014.04.05 – 10 Insider secrets to Job hunting success, Todd Bermont, Phạm Văn Bình

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Todd Bermont

“ Excellence…outstanding…the best job- hung ting job I have ever read” is one of the sweet comments to this book. Personally, I think “ 10 Insider…” not only useful book but also interesting, that is reason why I read book again for many  time.

First of all. There are a number of people who are readers called the book  with “ real- world experience book” name. It might be because Bermont did not write theology as some an nother books, he gave to job-hunter  an “ unfair advantage”  buy  sharing his “both side of the desk” , which mean is his years of experience in recruiter and candidate role. In specific, he told how his embarrassed at first interview and how he improved hisself to passed in array of interview, and he also showed his 3 types of CV in order to help job- hunter chose suitable kind.

For second comment, I’d like to say about it specific instruction aspect.  It could be because, in creat a CV, he showed his real CV as well as explained carefully the question why should candidate add that information in their resume. In addition, he listed 60 interview common questions and gave advices to help candidate express good answers.

Gave fully instruction step by step from awareness personal strength to “ close the deal” ( passing interview) is the thing I like most in this book. Almost CV writing teacher teach their student in how to genarate a goodreading resume, in comtrast, he noted that job- hunter must take time to achieve goals, that is key to make their CV become outstanding, should not make it up!

In general, with simple but effective writing style, Todd Bermont gave to job- hunters who spend time to read his book an “ unfair advantage” on job- hunting. “ Read book – get job” is best phrase to say about this book.


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